美國CAB牛肉眼 8OZ [需烹調] U.S. CAB Rib Eye 8OZ [Need to be cooked]



  1. 美國CAB牛肉眼是由美國黑安格斯(Angus)純種牛肉品種所生產的高品質牛肉,肉質細緻且含有大量的肉汁,脂肪如大理石紋般分布其上,口感極佳。
  2. 肉眼即牛脊前半部份,因為活動少,所以肉質嫩,脂肪比例平均,口感處於西冷及牛柳之間。
  3. CAB牛肉眼通常是指去除骨頭、脂肪和筋絡後的整個牛肉眼部位,可以根據個人口味裁切成不同大小的牛排。
  4. CAB牛肉眼生產過程中採用嚴格的品質控制和認證標準,保證牛隻的飲食、飼養和醫療照護都符合嚴格的要求,從而確保了牛肉的品質和健康。
  5. CAB牛肉眼具有豐富的營養價值,含有高量的蛋白質、鐵、鋅、維生素B12等營養物質,是健康飲食的良好選擇。
  6. CAB牛肉眼可以用多種方式烹調,如煎、烤、燒烤等,適合家庭和餐廳使用,可以製作出各種美食佳餚。






U.S. CAB Rib Eye

US CAB Beef Ribeye is a high-quality beef produced from purebred Angus cattle in the United States. The meat is tender and juicy, with marbled fat distributed throughout, making for an exceptional taste.

The ribeye is the front half of the beef spine, and because this area sees less activity, the meat is tender with an average fat content, providing a taste somewhere between a sirloin and a filet.

CAB Beef Ribeye usually refers to the entire ribeye section after the removal of bones, fat, and connective tissue, which can be cut into different sizes of steaks according to individual preference.

CAB Beef Ribeye is produced under strict quality control and certification standards, ensuring that the cattle's diet, breeding, and medical care meet rigorous requirements, thereby guaranteeing the quality and health of the beef.

CAB Beef Ribeye is rich in nutritional value, containing high levels of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and other nutrients, making it a healthy food choice.

CAB Beef Ribeye can be cooked in various ways, such as pan-frying, grilling, and barbecuing, making it suitable for both households and restaurants to create a variety of delicious dishes.

Origin: USA

Weight: 8 oz

Storage: Keep refrigerated at or below -18°C upon receipt to maintain freshness.

Best Thawing Method: Thaw naturally in the refrigerator at 0-5°C for the best quality and freshness. It is recommended to consume immediately after thawing. *The quickest thawing method is to place the product in its bag in water to defrost.

Cooking Instructions: Thaw naturally and cook directly. Remember to cook one side first before flipping.


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