紐西蘭Silver Fern Farms 十六支骨法式羊架 (法式切割) (28-32oz) [需烹調] New Zealand Silver Fern Farms Lamb Rack (French-cut, Cap on) (28-32oz) [Need to be cooked]


紐西蘭Silver Fern Farms 法式羊架

  1. 紐西蘭Silver Fern Farms 八支骨法式羊架是由新西蘭頂級的羊肉品種生產而成,肉質鮮嫩清香帶甜羊羶味不太重,口感豐富。
  2. 這種羊架是由羊肋骨上的肉切割而成,形狀為法式羊架,是法國經典的菜式材料之一。
  3. 紐西蘭Silver Fern Farms 采用全天然的飼料和放牧方式,讓羊只能吃到天然草原上的食物,不含人工激素、抗生素和基因改造成分。
  4. 羊架是充滿營養的肉類部位,含有豐富的蛋白質、維生素和礦物質,是健康飲食的良好選擇。
  5. 紐西蘭Silver Fern Farms 八支骨法式羊架可以用多種方式烹調,如烤、燒烤、燉煮等,適合家庭和餐廳使用,可以製作出各種美食佳餚。
  6. 法式羊架比普通羊架最大分別是生產時已經去除筋絡及多餘的肥肉,使到更有口感及賣相更為吸引。




保存方法: 收貨後放左-10°C或以下的冰櫃內,以保持它的鮮味。

最佳解凍方法: 將貨品放在0-5°C的雪櫃內自然解凍,品質最好最新鮮,建議解凍後立即食用。*特快解凍方法為直接將貨品連袋放在水中解凍


  1. 將羊架從冰箱中取出,放置室溫下約30分鐘至1小時,使其達到室溫。
  2. 預熱烤箱至攝氏220度。
  3. 將羊架放在烤盤上,把肉皮向上。
  4. 在羊架上均勻地塗上一層橄欖油,灑上鹽和黑胡椒粉。
  5. 將羊架放入烤箱中,烤約10至15分鐘。
  6. 把烤箱溫度調低至攝氏180度,繼續烤約30至40分鐘。
  7. 確認羊架的內部溫度達到攝氏60度,然後取出。
  8. 將羊架放在砧板上休息約10至15分鐘,以便汁液重新分佈。
  9. 切開羊架,享用美味的法式羊架。


New Zealand Silver Fern Farms Lamb Rack (French-cut, Cap on)

The New Zealand Silver Fern Farms eight-bone French lamb rack is produced from top-quality New Zealand lamb breeds, with tender and fragrant meat that is slightly sweet and not too gamy in flavor, providing a rich taste experience.

This lamb rack is cut from the meat on the lamb rib bones and shaped like a French lamb rack, making it one of the classic ingredients in French cuisine.

New Zealand Silver Fern Farms uses all-natural feed and grazing methods, allowing the lambs to only eat natural grassland food without artificial hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified ingredients.

The lamb rack is a nutritious meat portion, rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, making it an excellent choice for a healthy diet.

The New Zealand Silver Fern Farms eight-bone French lamb rack can be prepared using various methods such as baking, grilling, and stewing, suitable for both home and restaurant use, and can create a variety of delicious dishes.

The biggest difference between the French lamb rack and the ordinary lamb rack is that the tendons and excess fat have been removed during production, making it more flavorful and visually appealing.

Origin: New Zealand

Weight: 28-32 oz

Storage method: After receiving the product, place it in a refrigerator at or below -10°C to maintain its freshness.

Best thawing method: Thaw the product naturally in a refrigerator at 0-5°C for the best quality and freshness. It is recommended to consume immediately after thawing. *The quick thawing method is to place the product with the bag in water to thaw.

Cooking method:

  1. Remove the lamb rack from the refrigerator and let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. Preheat the oven to 220°C.
  3. Place the lamb rack on a baking tray with the skin side up.
  4. Brush a layer of olive oil evenly over the lamb rack and sprinkle with salt and black pepper.
  5. Put the lamb rack into the oven and bake for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Lower the oven temperature to 180°C and continue to bake for about 30 to 40 minutes.
  7. Check the internal temperature of the lamb rack, which should reach 60°C, and then remove it from the oven.
  8. Let the lamb rack rest on a cutting board for about 10 to 15 minutes to redistribute the juices.
  9. Cut the lamb rack and enjoy the delicious French lamb rack.

Note: Oven temperature and baking time may vary depending on the oven brand and model, so it is recommended to adjust the time and temperature based on your own oven.


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